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When it comes to your family, only the cleanest air will do...

How Clean Is Your Air System?

Pollen, dust, pet dander and Smoke - These along with other air pollutants affect the quality of air your family breathes. KleenAir Solutions, a locally owned and operated business, specializes in eliminating harmful contaminants from your home.

At KleenAir Solutions, we offer a full line of professional air duct cleaning services for residential indoor air systems. Our service area includes Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas. Each of our services is performed by certified experts and is backed with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If the quality of air in your home is a concern, then call KleenAir Solutions today and schedule an appointment.

Why Clean Your Vents?

Dirty air duct systems can aggravate health problems and cost you money. Respiratory problems like allergies and asthma are a reality for many families. In fact, research has shown that 50% of illnesses are related to or aggravated by the air we breathe.

You can improve the air quality of your home through professional air duct cleaning. Cleaning of your home's air system assists in many of your family's respiratory troubles by working to rid your system of mold, mildew, smoke, dust, pollen and more. Reducing these contaminants from your system may help improve your family's health. It can also improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. This means your system will be operating at peak efficiency, which saves you money on your monthly energy bill.

You'll be on your way to providing your family with cleaner air in no time.