Is your crawl space causing problems in your home?

Most homeowners are completely unaware of the state of the crawl space in thier home. The crawl space is not an area where many homeowners dare to venture. It's often damp, cold, and dark. An "unfinished" or diminished crawl space can cause a major reduction in the air quality in the living area above, even allowing dangerous toxins and germs into homes. Additionally, excessive moisture can reak havoc on the structure of the home and increase utility costs.

Unfortunatly poorly maintained crawl spaces tend to be humid. Excessive moisture in the crawl space poses a number of threats. Mold thrives in humid enclosed areas and can eventually find it's way into the living area if not mediated. The moisture can also attract bugs that bore into wood, such as termites. Eventually, these bugs will weaken the structure of your home, and attract rodents and other pests into your crawl space.

Do You Have:

  • Duct-work deterioration
  • Standing Water in your crawl space
  • Floors sagging, rotting, or squeaking
  • Insulation falling down
  • Wet or moldy excessive construction debris to where you can’t get in your crawl space
  • Crawl space humid and plumbing sweating
  • Floors cold in the winter
  • Musty odor in house

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